What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat to Cut My Cost?

The thermostat settings, regardless of the weather, are a personal choice. One can like the temperature higher in winters, while others can layer up and keep the temperature slightly lower. This is a great way to cut some costs. Don’t worry. We will try to keep your comfort level in check while advising on some ways to cut the costs. 

The temperature of your town affects the temperature you want in your home. To find a comfortable temperature, you need to adjust the HVAC system setting in your home. These can differ as per the season as well. 

You would not want to be spending the bucks you could easily save. So instead, it would help to consider a few basic and simple factors to reduce energy costs.  

Adjust The Temperature When Going Out

When heading out, you don’t need the house or the walls to feel cool or hot. It would help if you changed the temperature on the thermostat to a number where the bill remains under control. You should not, however, turn off the HVAC system completely. Turning the system off completely can put an unnecessary load on the system. 

Go Up A Number In Extreme Weather

 In the summer, you could shut the blinds or semi-drape the curtains. This will reduce the sunlight from excessively heating the indoor living space. Also, perhaps setting the temperature to 26 degrees instead of 25 degrees in summers can save a lot of energy. 

In summers, you can have a ceiling fan or a room cooler in the room where you spend the most time in. In winter, having your thermostat set at a higher temperature will switch the unit to a fan mode. The unit operating in this mode will help circulate the air around the living space. 

Do NOT place the thermostat anywhere near electric appliances

The heat from the appliances can somewhat “confuse” the thermostat. It may feel like it is doing extra hard work to provide more warmth. In summers, it would make the AC work more than required. It may start showing “ghost readings” due to the change in the temperature it may feel.

Modifying and changing the location of the thermostat point may be costly. However, if done correctly, this will save you a lot of money on energy bills and system maintenance. Be sure to seek advice from a good HVAC system consultant (click here to get professional consultation)

You should consult the market and get the best prices possible and this way you will also get rid of old and weak air conditioners and heating systems that use more energy than necessary. 

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