Installations & Executions

Over the years, Al Qoze Electromechanical has built a reputation for being the best in the service based by providing installations of complete HVAC systems with timely delivery and effective results. We even service the ducting works through our local workshop. As a part of our maintenance offering, we adhere to periodic & regular after sales support of our products. We genuinely take the load off the shoulders of our clients by providing preventive solutions. AQE specializes in specifying, designing and installing HVAC systems. Whether it is commercial or residential property, you can trust AQE to select the right equipment for your specific needs.

We are among most experienced companies with installation and maintenance of complex VRF / VRF system technology that’s well suited for luxury spaces. We’re knowledgeable about all brands, and specialize in VRF / VRV systems.

Al Qoze Electromechanical services specializes in luxury residential HVAC systems. With living spaces, from historic buildings to penthouse apartments, presents certain challenges for choosing luxury residential HVAC systems. For one thing, space is always an issue. There’s little to no outdoor space for equipment, and even indoor space is so valuable no one wants to use it to house bulky HVAC equipment. In addition, older buildings and brand-new high rises are very different environments with varying climate control requirements. Dubai’s elite homeowners demand quiet operation, modern controls, and, above all, consistent and reliable comfort. 

That’s why it’s so important to choose an HVAC company with the experience to recommend the right type of system for your needs, then install and configure it correctly for your setting. No one understands the unique requirements of heating and cooling the luxury residence better than us. We have been in the business of specifying, designing, installing, and servicing luxury residential HVAC systems for over a century. You can trust us to help you make the right choice. 

The residential HVAC systems best suited for United Arab Emirates luxury homes known to the trade as “commercial grade” systems, luxury residential projects require more complex HVAC systems. Each one needs to be designed and engineered for the specific situation. These are some of the best and most commonly used residential HVAC systems in U.A.E.

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