Why Choose Daikin as Your Brand?

When it comes to picking your Air conditioners, there are several brands in the market from Super General, Carrier, Midea, and many more, etc.

At Al Qoze Electromechanical, one of the best dealers among Daikin, we assure to provide our customers the best. Our staff are trained regularly by the Daikin’s expert team and certified. Moreover, working with the world-leading aircon brand helps us deliver quality solutions that guarantee performance and comfort.

There are several benefits when picking Daikin Air Conditioners over other brands. First, Daikin is a reliable air-conditioning brand with a wide range of selections such as split, multi-split, and ducted air conditioners. At Al Qoze Electromechanical, we install Daikin Air Conditioners with a highly specialized team.

There are several advantages why we recommend choosing Daikin as your aircon brand.

1# Experience & Reliability

Daikin with over 90 years of experience designing and manufacturing the most reliable aircon systems. Daikin developed its knowledge in aircon technology by conducting several trials and errors compared to other brands that stuck with their best units. In addition, experts’ constant research and development makes Daikin a continuous technological HVAC production house.

2# Wide Range of Products

Daikin provides a broad spectrum of products for customers to choose with each product having its benefits. Here are some of Daikin’s Products.

Ducted Units

Daikin aircon units run through the entire building to supply cool air.

  • Premium Inverter: this powerful air conditioning system can be installed in many places while being energy efficient.
  • Inverter: perfect for tighter roof spaces, this ducted aircon will adequately cool or heat the entire area.
  • Slim-line: this air conditioner will blend into the design of modern homes while being extremely quiet
Split Units

Daikin Split units are specialized in cooling small areas. This could be a single or double room.

  • U27 is hugely energy efficient while having dehumidifiers and air purification components.
  • A modern home needs an aesthetic aircon. Zena air conditioning systems are robust and efficient.
  • Cora, for a quality all-rounder, these systems are perfect for all kinds of rooms.
Multi Split Air Conditioning Units (VRV)

Multi Split Air Conditioning Units, can connect five indoor units to one outdoor unit providing good airflow.

  • VRV IV-S is perfect for more significant buildings where the sustainable system will effectively cool or heat multiple rooms.
  • Super Multi NX (R32) is incredibly flexible and powerful in tighter roof spaces.

We encourage you to contact us for more information to correctly install an air conditioner based on the room and building size.

3# Asthma and Allergen Preventatives

Daikin designs the National Asthma Council Australia recognizes aircon systems as the best for asthmatic and allergic people. The system has a robust air filter for air filtration and dust purification in the room.

4# Use of Advanced Technology

The systems are designed to use inverters, heat pumps, and R-32 gas, making them energy-efficient and cost-effective.


Inverters keep the motor speed efficient to decrease the system turning off and on. The constant airflow helps the system stay efficient and keeps it running at low costs. The inverter motor will run constantly, but the temperature can be adjusted when needed. Such systems do not turn off and on, which will lower energy costs.

Heat Pumps

Heat is absorbed from the outdoors; hence the heat pumps save energy by not overworking. Therefore there is no excessive use of electricity in providing heat.

R-32 Refrigerant

The R-32 refrigerant helps transfer the heat around the air conditioning system. This gas is the best; it’s environmentally friendly and does a great job transferring heat, therefore saving energy costs and the environment.

In addition, this refrigerant is much more environmentally friendly than other refrigerants while decreasing the energy bill.

5)  Flexibility, Efficiency, and Sustainability

Daikin units are built to last longer. They provide proper temperature control and can be installed into any given space. They are a reputable brand, with its experience, develop its systems so that every person can have an air conditioner reliably installed in their home or work. Every system of Daikin is developed to use as little energy as possible, which is better for costs and the environment. As a result, the units also last longer and work properly longer, decreasing the need for replacing the system.  Daikin systems provide flexible options to clients, providing them excellent temperature control and lasting longer than other brands in the market.

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