HVAC Tips & Maintenance Tricks

HVAC is a year-round necessity in the Middle East since we have about 8 months of summer. These systems help keep us cool in the summer by dropping the confined area temperature to 23 Degrees. However, having them work for such long hours continuously leaves the air conditioner under plenty of strain, which can break down. Therefore, having a routine check is a must.

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What NOT to Expect

This list would not help you repair a damaged unit or any significant issues. So you best contact an expert.

What to Expect

While we would like to list all HVAC tips and tricks, the primary purpose of this list is to improve your air conditioning unit’s quality and life span. Hence these tips are preventive measures. However, at times minor issues can be rectified with easy fixes, and we are here to help you. This list is written in incremental order, making it easier to rectify the issue.

Check the Cooling

It has been a hot day; you enter home and switch on the air conditioner. You take your time to unwind only to notice that it’s been 15 minutes and the air conditioner has not cooled the apartment. You start to wonder if your air conditioner is having issues?

We recommend you purchase a Digital Temperature Gun tool to test the temperature to clarify your dilemma. After purchasing this tool, you can frequently monitor the temperature manually, which can help ensure that the temperature reading on the Thermostat is correct. At times apartments/villas with large windows take longer to cool since the internal premise traps hot air.

Check the Filters

After you have completed the cooling check. One of the most apparent reasons for the air conditioners not cooling is dirty air filters. Based on your unit, you will have to find these air filters which look like this and clean them in the following manner:

  1. Wash them well under running water
  2. Completely dry them in the sun

Some filters can be easily removed, cleaned, and placed back. While the other filter will have to be cleaned by an expert ac technician. Doing this will increase cooling efficiency and decrease the likelihood of repairs.

Having this process done once a month would be best.

Check the Drain Pipes

If your AC is still not cooling and you have conducted a filter check. Then you will have to check for any leakages. Air conditioners generally cool the room by circulating the air through the machine. Due to this process, some moisture retains with the AC, accumulating within the drain lines. Over time the accumulation of dirt, dust, moisture chokes the drain lines causing leakages, mold, algae, etc.

Hence it is always good to clean the drain lines periodically. Flushing the drain lines with a high-pressure water gun with a solution of water and vinegar will remove any mold that has formed or might form. Having this process done once a month would be best.

Clearance of Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions such as dirt and debris, which can deteriorate the air conditioner’s life. Ensure the outdoor unit has a good clearance area against unwanted vegetation, branches, leaves, etc. Conducting a perimeter check of the outdoor machine once a month would be ideal.

Clean the Condenser

The outdoor condensers and heat pumps can get dirty over some time. The dirt would make the systems work harder, leading to more wear and tear. The best way to clean your outdoor unit will be to use a garden hose on the fins, making sure to wash all the gunk out.

Smart Air Conditioning Controllers

Purchasing a smart AC controller, in the long run, will benefit you. This device will monitor your AC conditioner and provide additional details such as usage history, alerts, etc. In addition, smart thermostats such as Nest, Eckobee, Honeywell, are excellent. 

Annual Maintenance Contract

It’s best to purchase a quarterly AMC contract from a certified HVAC technician who thoroughly examines the HVAC system to ensure it operates at optimum performance.

The inspection should include the following:

  1. Ensuring the fan is working correctly
  2. Cleaning the coils
  3. Checking (or possibly changing) the air filter
  4. Cleaning drain lines
  5. Checking the refrigerant level
  6. Checking for leaks in the heat exchanger

The tips listed above are all preventive measures. It is best to have a scheduled routine examination to ensure that a certified technician looks at all minor and major problems. A well-maintained unit will have less severe problems, meaning less hassle and unnecessary costs. It would be best to get your air conditioning unit checked during the winter, ensuring it is in good working order. So you will face fewer problems when during the summer.

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