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Our design team is fully equipped with the most modern and cutting-edge software and tools to deliver solutions that are achieved through optimization of needs and load calculations, are reasonable, competitive and conform to world- class standards.

When you’re renovating an existing space, the heating, cooling and ventilation needs to be redesigned to meet the new design, layout and building materials used in the new space. It may also need to accommodate the special requirements common in luxury properties, including humidification, radiant floor heating and air purification systems.

AQE design expertise is unrivaled in UAE and we’ll help you select the correct type and size equipment for the needs of the commercial or residential owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

An HVAC means or stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. An HVAC comprises different systems that move air from indoor to outdoor areas and vice versa. Additionally, HVAC involves heating and cooling both residential and commercial buildings.
Accordion MEP stands for "mechanical, electrical and plumbing." It is the art of efficiently planning, designing, and managing all the systems, wiring, and pipes of a building. They are essential since they cross all stages of the construction process. Once an MEP design consultant has completed the drawing, subcontractors are hired to complete their part by implementing the design. Description
The term HVAC is commonly used, especially in the Middle East. HVAC consists of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. While heating is not a requirement in the Middle East. However, ventilation and air conditioners are required to cool the living space. Ducting are large tubes designed to ventilate or distribute air around a specific area. Air conditioners are systems that convert hot air to cool air.
A few points to consider when purchasing an HVAC system • Learn Your Home And Its HVAC Requirements Purchase an aircon unit that meets your living space requirement. • Do Some Fairly Simple Math Hire a professional to calculate the living space design and recommend an Air Conditioning unit. • Learn A Little About HVAC Ratings Every HVAC unit has a rating system for its energy efficiency by SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). A higher rating means better performance. • Play The Long Game – Financially Air Condition systems are not cheap; it's best not to purchase a low-quality unit. However, doing so will affect you in the long run with efficiency and maintenance issues. • Learn About IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Components Read up on the latest technology in HVAC on the introduction of IAQ – Indoor Air Quality components that purify the air. These systems are air conditioners plus air purifiers. With the rise in bad IAQ, it can be wise to look into such options for a healthy living space. • Size Up Contractors Scope out for a reliable and experienced contractor who will provide you with the best rates and designs. • Make Sure A Contractor Is Willing To Work With You Once you have selected the contractor, make sure they are willing to understand your requirements and create a design that matches your needs. • Ensure You Have A Maintenance Plan And Warranty After installing the unit from your reliable contractors, purchase a maintenance plan. Most manufacturers will provide a 5-year warranty on the units. Still, it's crucial to timely service the units, or else you can damage the components. What Are The Different Types Of HVAC Units? There are several types of Air Conditioning units. • Smart Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioner • Floor Mounted Air Conditioning Units • Window Air Conditioner • Central Air Conditioner • Portable Air Conditioners • Ducted Air Conditioning
HVAC’s have different cooling technologies. For example, one of the systems with a condenser is called a conventional air conditioning unit. In comparison, another system's uses a component called a heat pump. Both of these functions convert warm air to cool air, lowering indoor temperature.
An HVAC plan is made when a new or existing building is going under renovation. Like any other plan, an HVAC plan is a 2D representation of how all the air conditioning units will be installed. Therefore, creating this plan is very important before executing an architectural setup.
Your HVAC consultant would be the best person to guide you in the best possible spots for you to install the air conditioning unit.
An HVAC design is a drawing designed by an HVAC Consultant, considering all factors that will interfere in the cooling of living space. Based on this design, an Air Conditioning unit is recommended and installed.
There are several popular brands in the HVAC industry. Some are well-known in the Middle East, while others are popular in other countries. Some of these brands are: • Trane • Rheem • York • Coleman • Panasonic • Hitachi • Whirlpool • Voltas • LG • Daikin • Bluestar • O General • Samsung • Super General • Mekar • Tosten • Gemscool • Midea • Coolex
Many famous Air Conditioning Brands are trying to develop alternative ways to be technologically advanced and cost-efficient. However, this is impossible since components used in the system require unique material that cannot be mass-produced, leading to a slightly expensive unit. Still, the energy efficiency will save you money in the long run.
Many famous Air Conditioning Brands are trying to develop alternative ways to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption. Compared to previous years, many units now are 30% more energy efficient.
There are several popular brands in the HVAC industry. Some are well-known in the Middle East, while others are popular in other countries. Some of these brands are: • O General • Daikin • Trane • Rheem • York • Panasonic • Hitachi • Voltas • LG • Samsung • Super General • Mekar • Tosten • Gemscool • Midea • Coolex
Before getting an Air Condition system installed, you must get in touch with an HVAC consultant. An HVAC consultant is an experienced engineer with several years of experience working on residential and commercial properties. They should be knowledgeable and be able to recommend educated decisions for installation, upgrades, or repairs
Installing an HVAC unit is expensive, so best have an HVAC consultant guide you through the process. An HVAC Consultant's responsibility is to understand the customer's needs and recommend units, taking all factors under consideration.
Air Conditioning Consultants are not expensive if appointed at the start of any project. Instead, it is considered an investment since they would recommend the best systems to the customer and will avoid any problems you will face in the future.
An HVAC consultant will take all the factors under consideration and recommend units that will be suitable for your need. It would be safer to consult them rather than bearing an problems in the future.
Every company should have an expert HVAC consultant. For example, when approaching an Air Conditioning company, you could request a company profile book and ask about the projects they have worked on in the past. This information should give you sufficient knowledge of the capacity of the company's engineers.
Unlike an HVAC system that heats, cools and ventilates the living space. An Air Conditioning unit only provides cooling.