5 Reasons to Choose Daikin as Your HVAC Brand

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to conduct a simple check on your HVAC systems. While the market consists of several options, Daikin is the world leader among all air conditioning brands. It would be tedious to experiment with every brand to find the best option. Being a multinational Japanese brand Daikin believes in efficacy and efficiency and has been in the HVAC market for 90 years.

1# Air Conditioning Specialist

Once Al Qoze Electromechanical, AQE receives an inquiry, our and Daikin engineers thoroughly understand the customer’s requirement. Then, after analyzing the question entirely, we propose air conditioning units that perfectly meet their demand. Having Daikin look into every query makes it satisfying to know that they always support the dealers and customers.

2# Eco-Friendly Solutions

Daikin is constantly innovating their air conditioners, making their mission to make the environment feel like home. They manufacture products with a combination of smart engineering and technology. As a result, they are the best brands to deliver the best possible climate-controlled atmosphere.

3# Quality After-Sales Support

Daikin has been AQE’s official dealer for years, and we can guarantee that the after-sale team is prompt at responding to every customer query. Their dedication is second to none providing the coverage and comfort beyond purchases.

4# Special Care

Daikin designed unique air conditioning systems that the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program. These air conditioning units carry a butterfly symbol indicating that they are best suited for asthma people. While the regular air conditioning systems are great, these unique systems trap most microscopic airborne particles. Additionally, they assist in decomposing odors and absorb and deactivate bacteria and viruses. These models are fitted with a more advanced Titanium Air-Purifying filter.

5# Technologically Advanced

With 90 years of dedication in developing technologies for heating and cooling residential and commercial spaces, Daikin is always effective and efficient. Moreover, Daikin offers superior quality and durability, winning several Global Awards such as IF Design Awards, Red Dot Design Awards, SuperBrand Awards etc.

Al Qoze Electromechanical can design, supply, and install the right Daikin air conditioning system for your residence or commercial space. First, our trained technicians will visit your site to measure or work with your contractor recommending a suitable unit. Then, we will complete the installation and commissioning of a system as per your needs.

We will also provide comprehensive support and backup service, second to none, that will keep your system operating at its optimum level for years to come. In addition, our trained technicians can help inspect your Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning system and keep it in top condition for its entire life.

For more information, please email us at contact@alqoze.com or fill out the form here.