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At AQE, TRUST Is The Foundation On Which All Relationships Are Built.

Our flexibility to work with clients at different stages of the lifecycle, our unique technological, turnkey solutions and our supplying capabilities for equipments, devices, materials and after-sales services have helped accelerate the “TRUST” between us and our clients.

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At Al Qoze Electromechanical (AQE), we’ve built our business successfully in the UAE and International market with our core value “Trust”.

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After sales service
Genuine Products & Quality Service
Energy Efficient & Safety First Solutions
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We are ceritified & Eco-friendly
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Personal Approach

We are known for our integrity and commitment earning the loyalty and trust of our clients. Our team of professional’s work with a client-first approach to make sure that our services & solutions meet the client’s requirements from conception to completion with quality, cost-effective and timely deliveries.

Keeping it Green

With the vision of our founder Jayant Bhatia, AQE has transformed itself into a sustainable and eco-friendly organization implementing a number of ways to safe-guard our planet on the in our daily operations.

From office recycling systems to paperless work management systems like Jobflow and remote monitoring systems, we are able to provide real time reporting, reduction in site visits thereby reducing our carbon footprint and doing our bit to save the planet.

Expert team

With the profound knowledge, a deep understanding of the market, and a long term vision, AQE’s team is built with the sole focus of achieving unparalleled client service and satisfaction as its heart.

To enable our quality conscious approach and long-lasting business relationships, we built a team of professionals and staff with deep expertise and experience of different industries allowing us to deliver innovative solutions and quality services.

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We are a leading air-conditioning specialist that provide 360° HVAC solutions. We offer complete customization to meet our clients’ requirements to deliver 100% satisfaction for all kinds of projects ranging from Residential to Commercial.


When your home’s air conditioning stops working, the problem can be more than a matter of comfort. Here at AQE, we understand the urgency of the repair. We do our best to respond quickly and have your air conditioner working with one service call.


At Al Qoze Electromechnical, we will provide you a holistic approach to building wellness. It’s a multi-disciplinary collective of experts using world class technologies and services to improve the viability of your building.

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What Our Clients Say


After analyzing the layout of the project our Design / Engineers team installed 10 ton air conditioning units to 10,000 sq/ft area.

This mass villa comprises of high end Daikin VRV system complete with centralized controls & is successfully integrated with home automation system.

This project was awarded to us from the reference of the consultant since we had worked with same consultant before  and we had completed the job on time by complying all consultant technical  requirements.

Here our scope was to supply, install, testing & commissioning of HVAC system.

The scope of work consist of remodeling of entire HVAC system.

The speciality in this project was that it is a single villa consist of 2 typical villa which is constructed for a single family. The same makes it difficult to commission it as we need to distribute the electrical load also accordingly as the client is installing different meters inside the villa to divide the energy consumption .