Freon Gas and Its Presence in the Air Conditioner

What is Freon Gas?


Like any other gas, chlorofluorocarbon or CFC too contains an accurate share of explosive and dangerous properties. Due to this whole reason, it was necessary to get an alternative. And later on, DuPont and GM collaborated and produced the CFC substance known as Freon through kinetic chemicals.

CFCs have been in the usage in aerosol cans and mechanical refrigeration. After it was proposed that it was consuming the ozone layer, Freon was followed, and it became the receiving boot.

It is not only hazardous for the ozone layer, but it is equally disastrous for the atmosphere. Therefore, the usage of this gas is very carefully regulated and restricted. Electrical appliances that were old school and manufactured years back are still known for defusing harmful substances.


How does it Work in an Air Conditioner?


Does it mean one should immediately change their appliances, specifically HV/AC? Not really. It works something like this;

  • The system of compressors and coils in the aircon compresses the Freon gas or R-22, making the substance hot and warm.
  • It is then moved through the coils, gets cooler, and transforms into liquid.
  • The chilled gaseous substance inhales the heat from outside and emits cold air.
  • Aircon depends on refrigerant to cool the air. Any leakage in the system will disrupt the functioning and stop producing cold air.

One must remember that not all air quality issues are due to the refrigerant. There can be multiple other reasons, which can be as simple as an uncleaned aircon filter.


Refilling Freon


Although Freon has been discontinued, many aircon providers are still available who refill the ignorant gas. But as said earlier, switching to a better and safer refrigerant is advisable. So, in the end, it’s not only about one’s luxury and comfort, but a small price can be paid to keep the environment safe and healthy too.  

‍As an alternative, a new refrigerant gas known as Puron or R410A and R-410A are relatively less harmful to the environment and ozone layer and works much better in releasing and absorbing the heat. First, however, always get in touch with expert HVAC technicians from a renowned service provider like Al Qoze Electromechanical.




So, be safe and employ the safest solution to convert the warm air into cold and satisfying air while making your AC last longer. It is essential to upkeep the crucial elements that keep your AC up to the mark and well-maintained. 

Although we must be aware of the dynamics of how electronics that we invested in work, for handling technical aspects and maintenance, hiring technical experts is your best bet. Therefore, it is recommended to get your AC inspected by professionals.

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