6 Simple HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Everyone wants more than an energy-efficient air conditioning system. The less energy your system uses, the lower its carbon footprint. An HVAC system is responsible for both cooling and heating. However,  Daikin units are some of the easier units to upkeep and offer built-in home and office air purification systems. 

Did you know that optimal performance is directly related to energy saving and the longevity of the air conditioning system itself?

Here are some tips to reduce your electricity bills; help save the planet by making your HVAC system more energy-efficient and saving you money. 

Tips to Maintain an HVAC System for Pet Owners

1. Regular Checkups 

Routine supervision inspections of the AC prevent future gas leaks. Since the gas is odorless, leakage is subtle and goes unnoticed until the gas canister is empty. Additionally, a substandard HVAC affects the overall system, leading to over-consumption of energy, which may lead to higher electricity bills. 

Research shows that HVAC technicians should perform a complete system inspection twice a year.  

 2. Changing the Old AC system 

An air conditioning system that is more than 10 years old with the best care can adversely affect electricity consumption. In addition, as technology continues to evolve, five years is an excellent time to upgrade your HVAC system to a newer one. Since the efficiency of the old system is lower than that of the new system, the air conditioner loses its performance over time.

 3. Cleaning Air Filters at Regular Intervals 

 Air filters can get clogged easily. For this reason, clean your air filters once a month to ensure thorough upkeep and that your system gives optimum performance. 

4. HVAC System Programming 

Set the HVAC system to a specific setting, such as lowering the temperature at night and increasing it before waking up. Together, this can save energy over time. In addition, DEWA recommends setting the air conditioner to 24 degrees in summer to ensure optimal cooling and save 5% of air conditioning consumption. Learn more about programming your HVAC system. 

5. Check the Quality of Insulation 

Remember to check the quality of the insulation when you move into an apartment. High-quality insulation prevents hot or cold air from escaping. Therefore, your HVAC system will not work continuously to reach the set temperature. 

Insulation should be inspected for corrosion every few years to ensure it is intact and free of cracks or leaks. 

Get an annual maintenance contract with us to cover insulation checks. You can contact us to learn about our 21-point HVAC evaluation and maintenance.

6. Seal the Leaking Ducts

Leakage of ducts can affect your electricity bills. In addition, they allow air to escape into the extra space where cooling isn’t required causing a rise in the electricity bill. 

Keep Your Place Cool in Hot Weather!

In addition, keeping curtains or blinds closed during the daytime will maintain the indoor temperature. Also, the constant circulation of air keeps the room temperature regulated. 

Keep a check on the system’s condensing unit, as any blockage due to leaves, plants, or debris, may interfere with its proper functioning.

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