Basic Knowledge on Installation of an Air Conditioner

The most important thing after buying an air conditioner is its installation. Installing Air Conditioners is a hectic job, especially when you realize it at the last moment! Air Conditioner installation requires a lot of time, mainly an entire day. Not only is installing Air Conditioner an effort-taking and time-consuming job, but it is also costly.


What to Expect 


Air Conditioner installation usually takes around 8 –14 hours. But installing Air Conditioners at different places takes time and effort – it’s not the same each time!

There are certain factors and steps to remember for Air Conditioner installation. Let’s learn what they are:

  • First, choose a reliable and experienced Air Conditioning contractor.
  • It’s an expensive service, so choose an Air Conditioner contractor as per your budget and affordability.
  • The area/wall where the air Conditioner will be installed should be clear.
  • A wide and clear space for the tools and equipment of the installation team.
  • Should ensure that no fragile or essential item is kept near where the air Conditioner will be installed.
  • Before starting the installation work, the team would cover the furniture and other things with cloth or plastic to protect them from dust.
  • If an old Air Conditioner is installed already, then the team will remove it first and install the new one, which means that the team needs access to your HVAC system.
  • The team might repair the ducts-which will increase the installation time or hours.
  • After all necessary things like fixing or modifying the duct, the new AC equipment will be installed. Again, a licensed electrician may be required, depending on the part installed.

In some cases, some consequences may occur. In such cases, the team lets you know the time consumption and cost. 

Air Conditioner installation is an expensive job; therefore, before calling a team to install it, you should be fully aware of all the expenses that might occur.

Before starting any work, ask your contractor for an accurate quote. Also, make sure you ask about any potential additional costs that may occur in case of necessary work. For example, the cost will be less if you hire a less experienced team.


How to Choose an Air Conditioning Contractor


How can you install an air conditioner without an air conditioning contractor? You can’t. There are certain things to consider while choosing an air conditioner conductor which will help you choose the right one:

  • An experienced and reliable conductor. Check how experienced the contractor is and then choose him.
  • Check if the contractor is affordable for you and if you can pay him according to your budget or not.
  • Check the reviews of the company before choosing the air Conditioner contractor.

Choosing the air conditioning contractor based on the above-given factors will help you choose an experienced and reasonable contractor! 

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