7 Aircon Hacks That Will Save Your Money This Winter

Winters are around the corner, and you must check on the HVAC system while you unpack your sweaters. Without proper indoor temperatures, the cold nights will be your worst nightmare. On cold and chilly nights, you would want the AirCon system to heat your house appropriately. Just the right temperature so you can snuggle in your comforter to Netflix and chill- not freeze or sweat!

To help you upkeep HVAC maintenance, here are seven easy-to-use AirCon Hacks to save your money this winter!

So, if you do not want to go broke or frozen, it is time to up your AirCon game!

AirCon Hacks – Stay Warm and Healthy


1.      Assess the  unit

Inspecting and testing your HVAC system before winter is vital to ensure it is at optimal performance. In addition, testing the unit can help you detect problems it may have encountered during the summers. 

While you can clean the drain pipe and the window in your unit, get an inspection from an HVAC expert.


2.      Do not forget the thermostat.

A thermostat monitors and regulates the temperature of the HVAC system in any season. Therefore, it is crucial to check the thermostat and set it according to your use. For instance, turn it down to save money and energy if you are not at home. In addition, when you are at home, set the temperature that suits you.

You can regulate the thermostat before leaving or after entering the home. Or, if you are a forgetful soul, install a Wi-Fi connection to regulate it remotely from wherever you want.


3.      A smart thermostat is a wise investment.

As hinted above, a Wi-Fi-controlled smart thermostat is your best friend when saving money. Moreover, it saves energy and enables you to keep a check on your AirCon system – even if you are on vacation.

Use your smartphone to regulate the temperature of your house to any setting you want! Living in the digital era has its benefits; leverage them.


4.      Check the problems in the Air-conditioning system.

Wear and tear with any machines- even humans are a real problem. If your HVAC system is giving up on you, you may want to check for leaks inside or outside the AirCon system. For example, your house windows, doors, and walls can often leak the cold breezes into the perfectly warmed room. The leaks mess up the room temperature, causing the AirCon to overwork and tire itself.

This can lead to massive repairs and even higher costs. To save your money and your HVAC, ensure proper insulation in your home. In addition, check that there is no dirt or blockage in the unit’s filters by cleaning them every month. Finally, if there is a leak in your unit, get a technician before it adds to another problem.


5.      Let your thermostat work at 26 degrees.

The easiest way to save at least 5% energy is to set your thermostat at only 26 degrees- the lower, the better. Try saving your money this way to keep yourself extra warm even at a low temperature; you can add another layer of cozy sweaters and socks.


6.      Ensure insulation with heavy drapery

Some homes have light insulation that can cause the warm air to escape or the cold breezes to mess up with the indoor temperatures. Get heavy drapes and hang them over your windows to solve this problem. This can provide excellent supplemental insulation while saving money.


7.      Ceiling fans are a lifesaver. 

Fans do not produce cool air. It only regulates airflow- there, I said it!

The temperature of air depends on the position of the fan’s blades. In summers, the blades will throw air that cools the room when they point downwards. Similarly, you can flip the blades upwards in winter to warm your surroundings. This way, you can give your AirCon some rest and save money with simple hacks.


Time To Get Cozy


Use the simple AirCon Hacks to save your money this winter. However, if you sense some major problems, get help from expert HVAC technicians at Alqoze.

For inspection and repair of AC systems, please email us at contact@alqoze.com or fill out the form here.