Types of Air Conditioning Units

You might be out looking for an air conditioning unit for your home but are struggling to choose one with the range of options available. You can find multiple air conditioning units, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages. In this brief guide, we will be going over all of the different types of air conditioners and how they differ.

Different Types of Air Conditioning Units


Smart Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioner

Ductless air conditioners can be an excellent addition to any home since they are the most efficient. Each one comes with an outdoor compressor and condenser unit and an indoor unit that connects with tubing circulating refrigerationThese air conditioning units tend to be more efficient and are great if people want to cool specific parts of a house. However, installing them can become expensive when installing one in every room in your home. More brilliant versions of these air conditioners can connect to other smart devices or the internet, making them easier to control.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioning Units

Floor-mounted air conditioners are very similar to a mini-split, except it does not need to be mounted on a wall. They stay closer to the ground and can allow people easily replace or clean the filters, which makes it better for people who have respiratory issues. These air conditioning units are also great for glasshouses or rooms with tilted ceilings since they don’t need to mount anywhere. On the flip side, it is easier to obstruct these air conditioning units with furniture, and the air might not flow as well if there are more people in a room.

Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners do not have an internal and external unit, as all of their essential components are housed in a single unit. These air conditioning units can also vary considerably, making them great for cooling a small room or even a single story of a small home. In addition, they are very good at cooling smaller spaces, often beating out other ACs. However, there is a minor issue that homeowners will need to have them installed in a window. But if they do not have a window to install it, they will have to place it on a wall.

Central Air Conditioner

Apart from a window AC, central air conditioning units are the most popular air conditioners people use, with more than 75% of households using them. This system has large outer units that send the cooled air through ducts that reach different rooms. It is very efficient and is especially good when trying to cool the entire house simultaneously. Although these air conditioners are more effective, they also cost more in electricity bills. Maintenance for these units can also be more complex, and the ducts can reduce their effectiveness. Homeowners can control the system using thermostats throughout the house, allowing them to control the AC easily.


These air conditioning units are popular choices among all homer owners. Each one offers its unique benefits, from the central air conditioning system that can cool an entire house to floor-mounted ACs that are easier to clean and place. Consider these benefits and their cons when you choose an air conditioner for your home. Then, for installation, maintenance, and more information, you can visit Al Qoze Electromechanical or contact us via contact form today!