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After analyzing the layout of the project our Design / Engineers team installed 10 ton air conditioning units to 10,000 sq/ft area

The scope of work for this Indian cuisine restaurant is to supply & installation of the complete hvac system with kitchen hood & ecology unit. The crucial part of a restaurant work is its design. If the design is having any issue it will spoil the entire restaurant atmosphere by adding smell & smoke.Here we have supplied Daikin vrv units with erv & ecology system .The hurdle we faced here is that we have to diffuse the exhaust in front the door which will create smell & smoke in front of the entrance. Here we have designed the system which includes electrostatic precipitator with carbon filter which is connected to an ecology unit and the grille is also designed to install diagonally to throw it away from the entrance. COOLING CAPACITY-35 TON,SYSTEM-DAIKIN VRV

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